Live a Life Full of Colour

Colour blindness means you see things differently than most people. It may be hard to distinguish between colours or shades of colours and how bright colours are.

But living with colour blindness doesn’t mean full-colour vision is out of reach. With advances in technology and our expertise, Forest City Optometry can help you see a brighter, more colourful world.

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What Is Colour Blindness?

Our eyes have specialized cells that detect and respond to light known as rods and cones. The cone cells are found in the macula and are responsible for detecting colour as either red, green, or blue light. When light reflected by an object enters our eye, the cones send information to the brain to process and then tell us what colour we are seeing.

Colour blindness is often genetic and occurs when there is an imbalance of cones that detect one of the three colours. As a result, the brain misinterprets what colour we see. Red-green colour blindness is the most common colour deficiency, making it hard to differentiate between shades of red and green. Both can appear as a brown colour.

Treatment for Colour Blindness at Forest City Optometry

At Forest City Optometry, we are proud to offer EnChroma glasses to help you achieve full-colour vision. The advanced lenses use a light filtering technique to address common forms of red-green colour blindness.

Talk to your eye doctor if you think you could benefit from EnChroma lenses. If you’re unsure if you have a form of colour blindness, you can take the EnChroma colour vision test.

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