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Adult & Senior Eye Exams in London, ON

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Eye Health Maintenance with Regular Eye Exams

The key to healthy and clear vision is through regular comprehensive eye exams. An eye exam is not only for updating your prescription—it can help assess underlying conditions or eye diseases.

Our team at Forest City Optometry can help determine if you need corrective lenses or any other treatments on the path to better vision.

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Adult & Senior Exam Frequency

Consistency is important when it comes to an eye exam. Regular eye exams can track your vision over time and uncover any abnormalities. To stay on top of your vision, the recommended eye exam frequency is:

  • Adults (20–64) should have an eye exam every 2 years.
  • Seniors (65+) should have an eye exam annually.

Our doctors may recommend a more frequent eye exam schedule if you have certain eye diseases, such as glaucoma or diabetes, or if you’re a higher-risk patient.

The Importance of an Eye Exam

A comprehensive exam is like a physical for your eyes and is essential for your overall health and well-being. A full eye exam is the only way to diagnose potentially damaging diseases and conditions, such as glaucoma, cataracts, or diabetic retinopathy

Oftentimes, these diseases don’t show any symptoms at early stages, so putting off an annual exam could lead to a progression of a condition. The sooner we understand the status of your vision, the sooner we can find treatment methods that can protect your eyes.

What To Expect During an Eye Exam

At Forest City Optometry, we want to provide you with an easy and effective exam experience. You can expect a friendly face to welcome you in, and our staff is here to answer all of your questions. 

During the exam, we start by going over your medical history, determining your prescription, and checking the ocular health of your eyes.

We first go over your medical history to understand your overall health. This includes any family genes, medications you are taking, and conditions you may have that could affect your eyes.

These could all be key factors in linking the results of your exam to a diagnosis and could determine the tests we may administer.

Next, we need to either determine your vision clarity or update your prescription. Our eyes tend to change as we age, so a prescription could change with each visit.

We test for many vision factors such as eye focus, peripheral vision, eye alignment, eye depth perception and more to understand the clarity of your vision and determine any refractive errors.

In addition to the clarity of your vision, the health of your eyes is also examined. Using diagnostic technology, such as optical coherence tomography OCT or ultra-widefield imaging, we are able to get a full view of the eye’s interior to assist in a diagnosis.

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Regular eye exams are essential at any age. We pride ourselves on low wait times for your routine eye exams and same-day bookings for urgent eye care

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